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[excerpt from the book Hidden Experience]
We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. 
—Joseph Campbell
      I wrote about the most difficult time of my life as it was happening, and posted it on a blog. I just reread that sentence, and I’m astonished I could do something so bold, but I did. I’d been confronted with a chain of strange events that seemed impossible to understand. I tried my best to dismiss what was happening, but that became increasingly difficult. All the clues pointed to one thing, and I was forced to ask myself, “Am I a UFO abductee?”       My blog was started ten years ago as an attempt to answer that question.

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The owl has held a place of reverence and mystique throughout history. And as strange as this might seem, owls are also showing up in conjunction with the UFO experience. Mike Clelland has collected a wealth of first-hand accounts where owls manifest in the highly charged moments that surround alien contact. There is a strangeness to these accounts that defy simple explanations.  
This book explores implications that go far beyond what more conservative researchers would dare consider. But the owl connection encompasses more than the UFO experience. It also includes profound synchronicities, ancient archetypes, dreams, shamanistic experiences, personal transformation, and death. From the mythic legends of our ancient past to the first hand accounts of the UFO abductee, owls are playing some vital role. 
This is also a deeply personal story. It is an odyssey of self discovery as the author grapples with his own owl and UFO encounters. What plays out is a story of transformation, with the owl at the heart of this journey. 

This book is a collection of compelling accounts from people who've had UFO contact in conjunction with absolutely bizarre experiences with owls. Yes, real owls. The author examines the mysterious connection between owls, synchronicity and UFO abduction.
Whitley Strieber talks about The Messengers
author of Communion
It’s a wonderful book… because it's a book that advances us in consciousness—it advances us—it takes us from where we were before we started reading it to a new place in terms of understanding the close encounter experience. I can name, just on the fingers of one hand, the number of books that actually do that. 
—Whitley Strieber, January 2016 ____________________________________________

Nick Redfern talks about The Messengers

Author Nick Redfern
I get a strong sense that Mike Clelland was guided to write this by the UFO intelligences and I think the reader will get that. This is the first time I have seen this level of both a book and its author being inextricably linked to the phenomenon itself since Strieber and Communion. Communion was clearly more than just a book; I believe the phenomenon intended it to be written, published, and read on a large scale. I think Mike’s book is another example of this. 
      —Nick Redfern, author of Men In Black

Foreword by Richard Dolan

author and historian 
Richard Dolan has just published the big owl book project through his own publishing company. He has also been a unwavering supporter of this rather unconventional work. Any author will go through pangs of insecurity, and Rich has been there to encourage me to trust what I have tried to create. He also wrote the foreword to the book, and this is posted in its entirety below.
Foreword to The Messengers
by Richard M. Dolan
You are about to read one of the most original books ever written on UFOs, one that will make any thoughtful person ask fundamental questions about the nature of reality itself. More than any work in recent memory, it successfully ties the UFO phenomenon not simply to possible extraterrestrial intelligences, but to synchronicities, ancient archetypes, dreams, shamanistic experiences, magic, personal transformation, and death.

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