Mike Clelland lifts back the curtain on a secret world most of us have no idea exists, and does so with patience and exactitude of a classical scholar. Skeptics used to accuse experiencers as opportunists out for money and attention, so how do then explain away an impressively large group of people who seem interested in sharing their remarkable stories only with each other, well out of the public eye? In addition to sharing their experiences, Mike explores our long fascination with these mystical messengers of the night, offering up an entirely new corpus of evidence to explore and debate.

—Christopher Knowles
author of Our Gods Wear Spandex
In The Messengers, Mike Clelland presents the reader with pieces of the UFO puzzle typically ignored or sidelined within the research field, so challenging are they to popular notions of the phenomenon. 

Clelland's fresh perspective encourages us to engage with an ancient and mystical enigma in a profoundly personal way, beyond the dead-end avenues of Exopolitics and official Disclosure. 

Serious researchers of the UFO subject—and of the abduction phenomenon in particular—will be referencing this book for decades to come.

—Robbie Graham
Author of Silver Screen Saucers

I would characterize very few UFO books as beautiful. But this one is.

—Richard Dolan
author of UFOs and the National Security State (Vol. I and II)


It’s a wonderful book… because it’s a book that advances us in consciousness—it advances us—it takes us from where we were before we started reading it to a new place in terms of understanding the close encounter experience. I can name, just on the fingers of one hand, the number of books that actually do that.

—Whitley Strieber, January 2016


As Mike Clelland skillfully demonstrates, the UFO-owl issue is a real one. It’s not, however, an issue that can be explained in simple terms. The entire situation is multifaceted, requires an open mind to appreciate it, and is fascinating, uplifting, and disturbing in equal measures.

This is a very important book on an enigma-filled topic that—finally—has the extensive treatment it deserves. And it may very well radically change your thoughts on the real nature of the UFO enigma. And also on what passes for reality itself.

—Nick Redfern
from a review for Mysterious Universe

This is one of the most important books about the UFO phenomenon since Whitley Strieber's Communion. You will never look at owls in the same way again. Highly recommended to students of Forteana and Ufology.

—Michael M. Hughes, author of The Blackwater Lights Trilogy